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Dermatology Consulting

Dermatology Consulting is a private clinic based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin problems, both in adults and children, as well as cosmetic dermatology and laser treatments. It is led by Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Anne Farrell, who is on the specialist register of Consultant Dermatologists. The Dermatology Consulting Clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission, having passed their programme of inspections. It is recognised for full reimbursement by most the major insurance companies. Patients are welcome to self refer to the clinic.

The aim of Dermatology Consulting is to provide the highest quality of dermatology care, putting into practice the latest information and technology available from the most influential international dermatology meetings and current research.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for general dermatology problems (including skin cancer, moles, eczema and psoriasis, skin allergies, hair problems, rashes and acne). As a consultant dermatologist, Dr Farrell is fully trained to recognise and treat the whole spectrum of skin problems. This means that Dr Farrell is also in the best position to provide a scientific approach to cosmetic dermatology including laser treatments and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Recent years have seen a proliferation of new 'cosmetic' and 'skin rejuvenation' treatments, many of which have been launched with relatively little research. The results have often failed to live up to the manufacturers' claims resulting in patients often being disappointed that the treatment has failed to deliver what they expected. At Dermatology Consulting, Dr Farrell extensively researches the new technology with regular attendances at the latest scientific meetings and visits to overseas centres of excellence to ensure that the equipment used by Dermatology Consulting is the most recent and effective available.

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