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Photo showing before and after wrinkle removal using Fraxel.


Photo showing crow's feet and wrinkles before Fraxel therapy. Photo showing smoother skin and wrinkles removed after Fraxel laser therapy.

Photo showing sagging and wrinkled neck before Fraxel laser treatment. Photo showing rejuvenated neck and smoother younger looking skin after Fraxel treatment.

Photo showing ageing hands with age spots. Photo showing younger looking hands and age spot removal after Fraxel treatment.

Photo showing deep scar on face before Fraxel treatment. Photo showing deep scar removal on face following Fraxel laser treatment.

Photo showing reddened skin and wrinkles before Fraxel treatment. Photo showing wrinkle removal and smoother softened skin following Fraxel treatment.

Photo showing Melasma on face before Fraxel laser treatment. Photo showing Melasma removal following Fraxel laser treatment.

Photo showing reddened and stretched skin before Fraxel laser treatment. Photo showing younger smoother looking skin following Fraxel laser therapy.

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What is Fraxel?
The latest exciting technology for permanent skin rejuvenation and treatment of scars is fractionated technology or Fraxel. It is a safe and relatively quick procedure that can remove years from your appearance. It creates smooth, fresher, healthier skin, improving skin tone, texture and pore size and softening wrinkles and lines. It is also an excellent treatment for acne and surgical scars.

How Does Fraxel Work?
Fraxel is the company that pioneered fractional photothermolysis - a technology where tiny microscopic laser columns, each just one-tenth diameter of a hair follicle treat a fraction of the skin at a time (15-50%). Each column of laser treated skin is surrounded by a large cuff of undamaged skin cells that provide the reservoir from which the skin heals. Over a week, the skin extrudes the column of damaged skin onto the skin surface and the body's natural healing is stimulated to replace it with younger, smoother, healthier skin.

Fraxel lasers work by only treating a fraction of the skin (15-50%) at each treatment session, this means the healing time is much quicker and the side effects significantly fewer.

The Fraxel laser also has a unique speed-dependent rolling delivery system that ensures that the laser lays down a uniform pattern of treatment to maximise effectiveness and reduce risk of overlapping. Most other laser devices treat one small area at a time and depend upon the operator being careful not to leave gaps between treatment areas and not to overlap and therefore not to over-treat areas.

Which Fractionated Laser Devices work best?
When the Fraxel laser came onto the market, many rival laser manufacturers responded by launching their own version of fractionated laser. However, the Fraxel brand remains the best researched fractionated laser and the safety and efficacy of the Fraxel laser well is supported by published research.

Dr Farrell is the second dermatologist in the UK to have the Fraxel Repair system installed and has trained with some of the earliest expert users of this laser in the USA.

In summary, Fraxel treatment creates smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin, closes pores, reduces lines and wrinkles and fades scars safely and effectively.

Two forms of Fraxel are available:
Fraxel Restore
Fraxel Repair











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  • Fraxel repairs sun damaged skin.
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