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Pulse dye laser was one of the first lasers to be developed and proved to be particularly effective in treating abnormal blood vessels, such as port wine stain birthmarks. However it was also found that patients who had pulse dye laser therapy for port wine stains showed some improvement in the texture of their skin and a slight reduction in the appearance of fine lines. This is because it is thought that the heat from the laser light also affects collagen production.

This observation has led to the pulse dye laser being used at lower power settings to help, not only facial redness such as in rosacea and broken thread veins, but also fine lines. The pulse dye laser can also have some benefit for brown skin spots (called solar lentigos or "sun spots").

The laser beam is pulsed rapidly several times over the area to be treated and because of the low power settings used, there is little discomfort and no bruising. Immediately following photofacial treatment the skin looks slightly flushed, but this settles quickly and normal day-to-day activities can be continued immediately.

If photofacial treatment is repeated several times there will be a reduction in redness and thread veins and a possible improvement of the skin texture and softening of fine lines.

Photofacials can be combined with the long pulse Nd Yag laser for additional effects of blood vessels and skin tightening.

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