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Sculptra is a biocompatible synthetic material that, when injected under the surface of the skin, can correct the effects of loss of facial fat and volume. The main chemical in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid. This has been used for many years in medical procedures including use as a suture material. The poly-L-lactic acid particles are gradually eliminated by the body and as this happens, fibroblasts collect around the particles and stimulate collagen production. The Sculptra particles therefore stimulate production of the body's own natural collagen which helps restore lost volume.

What does it involve and how quickly will I see results?
The Sculptra particles are diluted down using water and local anaesthetic and are then injected using a fine needle in the deep layers of the skin at the sites where the collagen stimulation is required. The solution contains local anaesthetic which reduces the discomfort. Enough of the solution is injected to achieve the appearance of the correction that is desired, but as the Sculptra is diluted down with water, when the water disappears over the next few days, the initial appearance of improvement will disappear. It takes at least a couple of weeks before the benefits of Sculptra start to become evident as new fibroblasts develop around the Sculptra particles and produce collagen. The full benefit of Sculptra is not usually seen until six to twelve weeks after the injection. Most clients need more than one session of Sculptra injections, but because the improvement due to the Sculptra takes several weeks, one usually needs to wait at least five weeks between treatment sessions.

Are there any special precautions needed beforehand?
To reduce the chance of bruising, Aspirin, Vitamin E, Nurofen and other Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories, should be avoided before treatment.

What will I look like afterwards?
Immediately following the Sculptra injection, because of the larger volume of the dilute Sculptra that has been injected, your face will have the volume that you are aiming to finally achieve. This increased volume will reduce over the next 24 hours as the diluting fluid is reabsorbed. The desired volume will gradually develop over the next few weeks as the body produces its own natural collagen around the Sculptra particles. There may be some pin prick marks where the injections were inserted and there may be bruising. The bruising can last up to two weeks, but can be covered with makeup. Clients are able to continue their everyday activities immediately after treatment.

Are there are sites where Sculptra is not suitable?
Sculptra should not be injected into the lips or directly into the fine muscles around the eyes.

How long will the effects last?
Sculptra has been reported to last on average two years, although this varies from individual to individual.

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