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The ultimate way to remove tattoos is using a laser. Unlike earlier methods such as surgery or dermabrasion, the Q Switched lasers break up the tattoo pigment with a very low risk of scarring. At Dermatology Consulting we have a very high power Q switch NdYag laser which has been developed specifically for tattoo removal and is among the most frequently used lasers to eliminate unwanted tattoos. It is particularly good at fading black, blue and red colours, although green and yellow can be more difficult to remove.

The very short pulse of laser light is shone onto the tattoo and breaks the ink particles into tiny fragments. These fragments are then cleared away by the body’s own natural scavenger/clearing cells (called macrophages). Local anaesthetic cream can be applied to the area beforehand if desired.

The treatment is repeated every few weeks as the pigment is gradually broken down and then removed by the body’s own clearing system.

Several treatments are needed and how fast a laser clears depends on several factors including colour, age and depth or the tattoo. Some tattoos fade within a couple of sessions, most need 6-10 sessions, but a few will not resolve completely even with the best laser technology.

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